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  •  In September 2004 and with a rank of professorship (level 28), Mahmood Saatchi on his own wish and for the sake of vast introduction ofMultiple Factor Theory of Productivityto the managers, attained the honor of  retirement, however he is still involved in teaching postgraduate courses in universities.on April 1941, he was born in the city of Hamedan and spent part of his elementary schooling in the same city at Nosrat School and then, along with his family, he moved to Tehran and finished the rest of his elementary years in tehran. In 1961, he received his high school diploma from Meraat High School; in 1965, he obtained his Bachelor of Arts and in 1968 his Master of Arts in social sciences from Tehran university. During 1965-66, part of his military service took place at Piadeh Shiraz College and the remaining part in testing section (as an officer) at the Air Force Academy  in Tehran....

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  • Iranian Psychological Association Alumni Council Professor Mahmoud Saatchi Company 


  • Professor Mahmoud Saatchi Biennial Congress of Industrial Psychology in March of 1390 was held at the Islamic Azad University participated.


    Professor Mahmoud Sharif company Saatchi teachers in special ceremony 


  • Will inform all those interested in topics Psychology Professor Mahmoud Saatchi In an interview broadcast Sunday 90/6/5 dated 8:20 am Hours are subject anxiety entrance exam news network

  • Psychology, communication and interactive workshops Higher Institute Mahan 



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